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Culture Information Systems Centre is a direct administration institution under the authority of the Ministry of Culture, which operates on the basis of the Cabinet Regulations of 18 December 2012 No. 928  By-law of the Centre for Cultural Information Systems for and for sector policy planning documents.

The Centre's mission is to help memory institutions – archives, libraries and museums – preserve and make available cultural heritage for future generations through the latest information technology solutions. In order to implement this, the Centre shall develop information systems for libraries, archives, museums and other cultural and educational institutions, ensuring the availability of stored sources of information and cultural values to the public. The Centre shall also establish cooperation with other national regulatory authorities, by introducing modern language technology and artificial intelligence solutions in the public administration to facilitate the effective communication of citizens with the public administration and the availability of information.

The initial establishment of the Centre as a State institution is linked to 1997, when the processing, storage and distribution of information concentrated in libraries was launched in the country and created a non-profit organisation in the country's “Library Information Networks Consortium” (Consortium), with a view to creating an electronic, all-Latvian-wide library information network. The aim was realised by creating the National Uniform Library Information System, the maintenance and development of which was entrusted to the Consortium.

On 24 December 2003, the Cabinet issued Order No. 817, which determined that the State Agency for Culture Information Systems, which is a successor to the functions and liabilities of the Consortium, is being reorganised and established by 1 February 2004. The establishment of a national agency extended the scope of the institution by launching digitisation projects aimed at heritage conservation and accessibility in other memory institutions, such as archives and museums.

On 1 January 2013, on the basis of Cabinet Regulation No. of 18 December 2012 928 “By-law of the Culture Information Systems Centre”, the State agency “Cultural Information Systems” shall change the legal status by becoming the direct administration authority under the authority of the Ministry of Culture - the Culture Information Systems Centre.