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Sarunas ieraksta ievada slaids Mansards
Conversation with the editor-in-chief Janis Oga of the publishing house Apgads Mansards

The online study of the Culture Information Systems Centre held a conversation with Janis Oga, the editor of the publishing house Apgads Mansards, which talked about the news of the books, as well as the very current project “3 td e-books library”, in which the e-book is also offered to a wide range of readers. We learned about building and growth over the years, about projects that have been implemented and planned, and everything else that interests book readers. One of the main publishing directions of Mansard is Latvian classics, and the hot spotlight is also the great Latvian poemist and writer Vizma Belševicas's “Journal 1947 – 1960 (Book 3)”. The volume covers the period from Stalin's time freeze to Khrushchev's “thaw,” which reveals the author's views and reflections of his youth, and shows the transformation of the young Vizma from an eager comrade to a very sharp and critical observer of his own era. We also looked at Vizma Belševicas's unpublished works in Book 1 “Unrecognized Love and Other Stories” and reminded readers of the autobiographical novel “Billion”, which is now about to capture the attention of readers and viewers at European level, both with the book's exrantation and English translation. By celebrating the role of “Mansard” in bringing new authors into the literature, we focused on the great debut of Janis Joniev's book “Jelgava” 94, which has already experienced a very successful eco-regulation and is now available to readers only in e-book format, including the 3 td e-BOOKS library. We also looked back at Will Bear's attention-catching debut, “Stroke with a view to London,” and asked to meet other works of this author.