Valodas tehnoloģijas
Ekrānšāviņš no vebināra sanāksmes Teams platformā
VA darba vides skats, kad tiek pāradresēts jautājums no vienas valsts iestādes otrai (ZINTIS-SIGNE)

On Friday, March 10, THE Centre for Cultural Information Systems (KISC), in cooperation with the State Chancery (VK) Communications Department, organised a regular online training seminar on the Unified Virtual Assistant (VA) of the Joint Platform on Public Administration Networks, or the representatives of the State AND local authorities of the negotiating boatmasters, who are responsible FOR THE activities of ZINTS on the websites of these institutions.


Webnard was discovered by GK Communications Department Consultant Metra ARGENOVSKA, who provided general information about the virtual assistant ZINTI, response guidelines and how TO implement Zintini on the website of public administration. KISC projects assistant Gita JURSHEVSKA, on the other hand, conducted practical training on institutional work with ZINTS, introduced the new authorities and trainers with the VA training environment, told them how to train ZINTINI, how to analyze conversations, how to find errors and correct information, as well as the interaction between virtual assistants. .


Together with the participants in the workshop (44 in total), various detailed questions were discussed on how to format the text, in which cases to lay the preconditions for how to work when a number of institutions have the same questions, how to add pictures and video cards to answers, as well as what information is read from the open data portal.


The introduction of a single virtual assistant on the websites of public administrations is part of a project implemented by the State Chancellery entitled “The Unified Platform for Public and Local Government Institutions”. Self-negotiated botched technologies are developed in the language technology platform of public administration,, administered by the Centre for Cultural Information Systems.